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Hello and welcome to my second toolbar / dialog script for Aseprite! The idea for this slope generator was inspired by MortMort's Youtube Video on his tile set workflow. While watching I had the thought that it could be really handy to automate this tedious process. So here we are!

Before we even get in to it... Thank you! Thanks to everyone that has checked out the project over the past little bit. This is still very much a learning process for myself and I really appreciate all the feedback and love that I have been receiving. Seems like a lot of you guys are quite excited for this!

Key Features Currently Supported:

  • Toolbar can be minimized to save work space area when not in use.
  • Selection of tiles in any position on the grid used for top and fill tiles.
  • Quick setup button that will copy a bunch of your tiles quickly to a separate layer. Ready to be worked on. Should be non-destructible.
  • Allows resizing of grid by selection ( Limited to square tiles for this one toolbar ).
  • Undo grid resize can be pressed if you want to revert to last / original grid size.
  • Creates a slope from a single layer (top and bottom of tile on the same layer)
  • Generation will adjust the steepness of the slope based on your selection.
  • Left and right downward slopes can easily be created.
  • Help & Info panel built in to the toolbar to give reminders of how to use.
  • Multiple points of error checking. If something goes wrong it should warn you.

Future Features Planed:

  • Creating a slope from a multi-layer set up.  (Such as grass being on a separate layer on top of the dirt layer.)
  • Curved Slopes: Different styles of quickly generated slopes.
  • Upside Down Slopes (Left and Right)
  • Multiple frame sloping / animated slopes.
  • Plus More :)

Please comment with any suggestions for new features or feedback you may have. I would really like to make this the best it can be!

Also would love to see any content you've created with this tool.

Hopefully you guys will find it as helpful as I have and I will continue to update this as we see fit!

I'd love to see what your using this tool bar to work on! Use #CarbsTools on Twitter to share!

How To Install and Run Toolbar:

  1. Download the [CC] Slope Generator.lua file.
  2. Open Aseprite
  3. File->Scripts->Open Scripts Folder
  4. Copy [CC] Slope Generator.lua in to this folder
  5. Restart Aseprite
  6. File->Scripts->[CC] Slope Generator
  7. Enjoy!

How to use:

1.If your grid size differs from your single tile size, select your tile and press the button labeled [Set Grid From Selection].

2.If you don't have enough free tiles on your sheet press [Expand Sheet]

3.Select your top tile and press [Select Top Tile]

4.Select your fill tile and press [Select Fill Tile]

5.Click [Gen Setup]. This will create a copy of your tiles on a new workable layer.

6.Select ONLY the top (grass part) of your tile or tiles that you would like to slope. (Press M for rectangle selection tool)

7.De-select any fill (dirt) pixels (Alt+Shift to remove from your current selection)

8.Click [Gen Slope [Left]] or [Gen Slope [Right]] to create the slope.

9.(Optional)You can repeat this with the other side of the copied tiles.

10.Select all tiles you would like to keep and press [Move To Tileset]. (Shift+Double click to add each tile to your selection)

11.Select and move your new tiles to an empty space on your original tile set.

12.Click [Reset Canvas Size] to reset your canvas size back to what it was before.   

--Simple Usage License / Rights--

Simple Usage License / Rights © CarbsCode 2021 - 2024 All Rights Reserved.

By using the script included with this file you understand that you are using it ASIS with no guarantees. 

Though the script / toolbar is not intended to cause any harm, you understand that any such harm, such as lost of work,time or any other issues financial or otherwise, CarbsCode can not be held responsible. Always save your work regularly!

Please use at your own risk! If you change any of the script that may cause issues support may or may not be available. 

CarbsCode reserves the right to revise this license as needed.


Use this script as a toolbar to assist in Aseprite for personal and/or professional use.

Learn from the code within.

Make changes as you see fit for your use-case. However support may not be available for modified scripts so do so at your own risk.


Re-sell, copy, transfer or distribute entire script or parts of this script without permission.

Usage of this tool in any training of AI (Artificial Intelligence) models with out permission is not permitted.

Usage of this tool to create NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) is not permitted.


Please report any bugs if you find some and Carbs will try and resolve as soon as possible!

Hope you all enjoy the tool! Please feel free to reach out or leave a comment if you have any issues or feedback!

❤ Thank you all for the amazing support ❤

Bugs / Feature Requests:

Please check out the new issues page if you find any bugs or want to make a feature request!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
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Tags2D, Aseprite, dialog, Generator, Pixel Art, slope, tool, toolbar


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Slope Generator v1.2.0 22 kB
Slope Generator v1.2.0 22 kB

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i was unable to use the slope generator since the folder is missing a lua file don't know what's going on here

(1 edit)

Very strange! Which file did you download? I belive they are all lua files for each of the operating systems. Just need to place it in your scripts folder to use :)

the cc slope generator tool bar or cc slope generator 1.2.0 can't seem to see the lua

Hmm let's see, which version of aseprite are you using?

Does it have the option under File>Scripts>Open Scripts Folder?

How are you trying to open the tool?

Trying to think of what has gone wrong here 🤔 

aspriet version 1.2.33-x64 and yes it does have the drop down menu of open script but tried it couple of time no lua file

(1 edit)

Okay so you have downloaded the lua file from here?

And copied it to the scripts folder?

And it's not showing up in aseprite or it's not in the scripts folder at all?

I just double checked and all downloads here should have a lua file first one is for windows specifically.

Sorry for any confusion! 

(1 edit) (+1)

wow, i cant even think about any thing like this, keep up making new project like this, and thanks for saved me very much time.

Was confused at first but after watching the tutorial WOAH. This is REAALLLY good. You've saved me so much time in future projects. Fantastic work man.

Thank you! :D Glad you are finding it useful!!! :D

Time to put this to the test! been looking forward to it

(1 edit)

Hope you enjoy! Let me know how you get on with it :)


Dope script! Keep up the good work!

Thank you!