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i was unable to use the slope generator since the folder is missing a lua file don't know what's going on here

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Very strange! Which file did you download? I belive they are all lua files for each of the operating systems. Just need to place it in your scripts folder to use :)

the cc slope generator tool bar or cc slope generator 1.2.0 can't seem to see the lua

Hmm let's see, which version of aseprite are you using?

Does it have the option under File>Scripts>Open Scripts Folder?

How are you trying to open the tool?

Trying to think of what has gone wrong here 🤔 

aspriet version 1.2.33-x64 and yes it does have the drop down menu of open script but tried it couple of time no lua file

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Okay so you have downloaded the lua file from here?

And copied it to the scripts folder?

And it's not showing up in aseprite or it's not in the scripts folder at all?

I just double checked and all downloads here should have a lua file first one is for windows specifically.

Sorry for any confusion! 

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wow, i cant even think about any thing like this, keep up making new project like this, and thanks for saved me very much time.

Was confused at first but after watching the tutorial WOAH. This is REAALLLY good. You've saved me so much time in future projects. Fantastic work man.

Thank you! :D Glad you are finding it useful!!! :D

Time to put this to the test! been looking forward to it

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Hope you enjoy! Let me know how you get on with it :)


Dope script! Keep up the good work!

Thank you!