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Play as an ambitious District Shopkeeper and earn gold by selling various items to the locals.  In the demo you'll be given a stock of items that nearby villagers and adventurers are interested in.  Press X to open the shop for the day and get to selling.  Each sale will be conducted in a timing based bartering mini-game where you try to get the best sale possible.  Be sure to check your inventory to make sure you have enough for everyone, or you will miss out on sales that day.  In future playable content added, you will be able to play as the Miner and the Woodsman to gather items for the Shopkeeper to sell.



District Shopkeeper Vault Edition! We have been working on this project the past 2 week as part of both GBJAM 8 AND Vaultacular Jam! While GBJAM had ended last week this version was still in progress! Hope you guys enjoy the content!

To be noted: We started this project from scratch 2 Saturdays ago for a total of 14 days (same as the jam duration) and are submitting this a few days early to hopefully be with in the guidelines of this jam!(with these days as an offset)  Same amount of time to work on it but offset a couple days as this is an early submission and will be the version that will be up for checking out :D

Also we tried making an html version but the sound doesn't play very well and its quite laggy.... so you'll have to download this one sorry!!



Controls (Supports Controllers & Keyboard):


A : X Key

B : Z Key

DPAD : Arrow Keys


Xbox (Reverse of Nintendo):

A : B Button

B: A Button



Playstation(Reverse of Nintendo):

A: Circle Button

B: X Button


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Demo Features:


8 Unique Items:

6 Unique Adventurers To Sell Items To:

3 Playable Characters:

3 Zones:

A Stock of 52 Items To Sell

The Goal of the game currently is to sell off your stock and get as much gold as possible aiming for the sweet spots of the bartering mini-game.


Full Game Features To Come:


30 Unique Items:

Upgradable Characters and Skills

7 Zones to explore:

6 Unlockable Active Skills

2+ Unlockable Passive Skills


DistrictShopkeeper Vault Version.zip 15 MB

Install instructions

Download extract to a folder and run the .exe :D

Optionally an even easier way is to just copy and past the URL for this page in the Itch Launcher! Then press [Install]! :D

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