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GBJam6 Submission! This is my first jam and It was super inspiring!

This is a game about mugs ( It's not really suppose to be a mug but my stand in for a cube guy with a backpack kinda just worked out that way with my programmer level art work and was sorta running out of time.)

As of this build there is not really any end game it's more of me trying to learn the engine with a great opportunity to build a neat game!

Collect coins and try to get as high as you can while the threat of rising lava convinces you to keep climbing. As you climb you will find checkpoints which will save your height and allow you to continue climbing up!

You get 3 lives to try and get as high as you can and collect all the coins you can.

Fall to far and you will take damage so look out for that!

Lava....I think you know what to do here.

Controls are displayed at the bottom of the stage in game. This game does work with controllers too.

So go... Get Coins... and... don't die!

First time using Godot soooo it was a learning process and this is what we came up with!


Mad Mug Ascension Windows 64 Bit.zip 9 MB
Mad Mug Ascension Windows 32 Bit.zip 8 MB

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