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Sort My Folder

This is a simple batch file for windows that you can place in a folder that you would like to sort. For instance placing this in the downloads folder then running will sort your downloaded files by common  file extensions in to folders that will be placed at the top of your current directory.

To run simply place the bat file in the folder you would like to sort then double click on it. This will create a folder for each of the following:

  • Jar Files
  • Video Files
  • Image Files
  • Compressed Files
  • Exe Files
  • Music Files
  • Document Files

The folder will contain a leading 0 in it's name so that the folder will be easily be found at the top of the directory when sorting by name.

To add more file extensions to the existing folders simply copy and paste the line and change the file extension in the brackets. Make sure the folder in quotes is correct.

If you want to add more folders you can do so at the top with mkdir "0 FolderName" and then below make a new line similar to the already provided lines. For example to add shortcuts (.lnk) files to a shortcut folder you would add the following:

mkdir "0 Shortcut Files"

for %%i in (*.lnk) do move "%%i" "0 Shortcut Files"

Please Modify / Use At Your Own Risk!

Modifying bat files incorrectly could cause harm to your PC depending on what your doing. Please be advised when using and modifying this file to fit your needs and only do so if you know what you are doing. I do not take any responsibility for harm caused by incorrect modifications to this file. Just keep in mind that bat files are quite powerful and they can do quite powerful things so be careful when modifying / using them! :D

This might not be the best way / fastest way of sorting files but as of right now it is what I use. Also this can be automated  / run at set time intervals to always keep the folder sorted using some windows timing but it was a bit more advanced and I haven't learned how to do it yet.


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