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Water Fx is a tool for Aseprite  which will allow you to create a water like effect with many variations using the provided sliders and seed input.

Shoutout to Sun Pixels for showing off this neat technique. I was inspired to make this tool after watching of their video here

I found the technique quite fascinating but I struggle with making random patterns that, well, didn't look like patterns so here we are! I've ended up adding  in many parameters which can be tweaked and played with to get different effects.

Also shoutout to Ansimuz as the assets shown below are from the SunnyLand pack!

To use:

Edit>FX>Water FX 1.0

Simply select the area you would like to apply the effect to and press apply so have the tool shift your rows or columns. You can tweak the settings to get different effects. See details below with what the sliders do!

I hope to put together a little video showing some examples such as water ripples and snow / rain!

Please Note:

This tool doesn't create the reflection automatically but creating one can be done quite easily by duplicating, flipping and lowering the opacity of a layer as seen above!😀


Selection Size % [ <-> ] :

  • Use the Minimum and Maximum sliders to set what percent of your original selection to use.
    • This will be the size of selection that will be shifted in each row or column during the effect.
    • By setting this number to the same percent the effect will use a constant size instead of a range.
    • 100% would be the full width or height of your original selection.

Frequency [ <-> ]:

  • This slider will set how often rows or columns are going to be shifted.
    •  Example: Frequency set to 100% will process every row or column
    • Example: Frequency set to 25% will process 1 row or column then skip 3 and continue.

Amplitude [ <-> ] :

  • This is how much the selection will be shifted in relation to original selection size.
    • Example: Amplitude set to 100% will shift each processed row or column the full width or height of the original selection size.
    • Example: Amplitude set to 50% will shift each processed row or column 50% the width of height of the original selection size.
  • Keep in mind the tool creates positive and negative values so rows may be shifted in one direction or the opposite.

Randomized Seeds:

  • Seeds are used to randomize the output of the tool.
    • By default the seed will use the current time to create randomness each time the effect is used.
    • [   ] Use Custom Seed: Allows you to input a set number or text to use as the seed. This can be a string of words or characters or a number.

Apply Water FX:

  • [Apply Vertically] Shifting occurs on the Y axis.
    • This will apply the effect starting on left, working to the right, and shifting columns up and down.
  • [Apply Horizontally] Shifting occurs on the X axis.
    • This will apply the effect starting from the top, working to the bottom, and shifting rows left or right.
  • [Reapply] This will trigger a single undo action and then reapply vertically or horizontally again.
    • Any settings that were changed will take effect.
    • This button is useful if you want to cycle though a bunch of times looking for a desired effect.

Let me know if you find some cool settings :D

--Simple Usage License / Rights--

Simple Usage License / Rights © CarbsCode 2021 - 2024 All Rights Reserved.

By using the script included with this file you understand that you are using it ASIS with no guarantees. 

Though the script / toolbar is not intended to cause any harm, you understand that any such harm, such as lost of work,time or any other issues financial or otherwise, CarbsCode can not be held responsible. Always save your work regularly!

Please use at your own risk! If you change any of the script that may cause issues support may or may not be available. 

CarbsCode reserves the right to revise this license as needed.


Use this script as a toolbar to assist in Aseprite for personal and/or professional use.

Learn from the code within.

Make changes as you see fit for your use-case. However support may not be available for modified scripts so do so at your own risk.


Re-sell, copy, transfer or distribute entire script or parts of this script without permission.

Usage of this tool in any training of AI (Artificial Intelligence) models with out permission is not permitted.

Usage of this tool to create NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) is not permitted.


Please report any bugs if you find some and Carbs will try and resolve as soon as possible!

Hope you all enjoy the tool! Please feel free to reach out or leave a comment if you have any issues or feedback!

❤ Thank you all for the amazing support ❤

Bugs / Feature Requests:

Please check out the new issues page if you find any bugs or want to make a feature request!

How To Install / Update:

Simply download and double click "water-effect.aseprite-extension",

or drag and drop the extension file in to Aseprite.

All of the files will be put where they need to be and will be overwritten if you are updating to  a new version of the tool.

To open the tool, its located under the edit menu:

Edit>FX>Water FX...

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
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