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A toolbar dialog with some functions that I use more so then not. This makes it very quick to access and use by having all my buttons in one place! I will keep adding more functions in the future as I need them.

Hopefully you find this little toolbar useful! :D

Setting Grid Size From Selection & New Sprite From Selection

Setting Checkerboard Grid Size From Selection

Expanding Sprite Sheet Size From Selection

Quick Outline & Quick Shadow

HSV Shift

New Options In Expand Canvas

All Options Are Now Hide-able!

Help & Information Added In Toolbar!

To install / Run:

  1. File > Scripts > Open Script Folder
  2. Place CarbsToolbar.lua in this folder
  3. Restart Aseprite
  4. File > Scripts>CarbsToolbar to open


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

CarbsToolbar v2.4.3 30 kB
CarbsToolbar v2.4.3 30 kB
CarbsToolbar v2.4.3 30 kB

Development log


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Hey there!

I had seen you were working on an auto scroll feature. I was wondering how close that was to completion. Super excited to try it out

Hello! Thank you for your interest :D I'm hoping to start putting the page together this weekend and get it uploaded!

Been a busy week at work with the holiday and I'm also in the middle of moving so its been hard to find lots of time to work on it during the week D:

But yes I hope to have everything ironed out and ready to go over the next few days :D

Quite excited to see some awesome scrolling animations from the community!!

Totally stoked! Thank you for taking the time to make the feature! I know it's hard enough to find time for things without being in the middle of moving lol. Good luck with the move!

Andddd the toolbar is now up! You can find it over here!

BG Auto-Scroll Toolbar

Let me know what you think!!

Extremely useful product, installed it and it works just fine! Thank you for making this. ♥


Thank you for the kind words :D And your quite welcome! I'm glad your finding it useful :) Let me know if you have any troubles! :D

The 2.3.0 version is saying my aseprite (it’s 1.2.20) isn’t updated and doesn’t open.

I'll look in to this. Maybe I should be checking against 1.2.19 and higher. I'm working on a couple more grid functions in a small update so I could try dropping it down to see if it fixes that issue. I'm currently using the latest version from steam myself xD

Let me know if the new update doesn't work async!