Carbs Toolbar Update v2.4.0

This was meant to be a small update but I got a little carried away, Sooo Hope you guys are ready for another update! There will be a video coming along soon after this update showing off each feature and how to install. Again thank you guys for all your interested in my little tool. It's been quite a bit of work figuring out how everything works (and I've barely scratched the surface it seems) If your finding this tool useful please feel free to let people know about it :D Let me know if there is something useful that could be added! Alright to the changelog let's see what we got!

Changelog Version 2.4.0

Added SET CHECKERBOARD GRID - Yes! Finally a super easy way to set the background checkerboard grid. This works by simply selecting an area an clicking the button. The checkerboard settings are saved your aseprite files so you will not have to set this each time you load up that document.

Added Minimize Option - This will minimize all the options down to a single line to preserve workspace real-estate.

All options that were open when minimizing will be open when un-minimizing while the tool bar is open. Meaning you can leave options open and they will remember they were open.

Added Info Dialog - This will open the Help & Info dialog which features a brief explanation of what each tool does as well as a few notes about the tools and toolbar.

This info dialog will close if you press the x on it, uncheck "info", or simply close the main toolbar.

Create Sprite is now in its own section as there will be a couple other sprite additions down the road.

Added lots of error checking to make sure you cant perform actions when your not suppose to, making sure a layer is selected etc. These errors now have custom alert messages telling you what is wrong.

Updated the icon and banner on


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Jun 19, 2020

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