Carbs Toolbar Update v2.5.0

Carbs Toolbar v2.5.0 Changelog:

Added NEW Duplicate & Shift Functionality

    • Quickly duplicate and shift copies of your current selection.
      • Make sure your on the correct layer and select the area you would like to duplicate, then press a direction!
    • Includes two sliders to adjust where the duplicated sprite will start.
    • Also includes a FILL button which will fill your canvas with your selection creating very cool patterns. 
      • Note: The FILL button currently does not take in the sliders and will use the full selections bounds.

  • Added UI Scaling
    • The toolbar will now automatically adjust its sizes depending on the ui scale you have set in the Aseprite preferences!

  • Added Theme Scaling
    • The toolbar will also now automaticlly adjust to fit perfectly with the following themes:
      • Dark Mort HD
      • Dase
      • Minimal Dark HD
      • Aseprite's Default Theme
    • I would love to add support for other themes in the future so please let me know what theme you use and I can add support for it!

As per usual, huge shout out to everyone that has shown interest in my toolbars! You guys are really awesome :D Thank you for sharing with your friends!! Extra huge shout out to those who have bought the toolbar too?! MUCH LOVE!

Special Thanks To  Keenao for requesting the Duplicate and Shift functionality thru SnowDrama! Hope you enjoy this feature and it's what your looking for!

Another Special Thanks to Reddit user JameNameGame for kicking me to do the UI scaling XD Hopefully this update also works well for you too!!


CarbsToolbar v2.5.0 41 kB
Aug 22, 2020
CarbsToolbar v2.5.0 41 kB
Aug 22, 2020
CarbsToolbar v2.5.0 41 kB
Aug 22, 2020

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Hey, neat tool, thanks for adding support for Minimal Dark! ^^


Thank you!! :D And but of course you are quite welcome! Your theme is quite popular and very tidy! :D